I am Hala Karim

I am Hala Karim

I am
A writer searching for
An inspiring story,
I wonder
What the world is like
In gray,
Where color and race don’t exist
I hear
A ringing silence
In my head,
As a woman screams at one of the Little Rock 9 students,
As an imposter crashed into the Twin Towers
On September 11th, 2001,
As white boys call black boys the n word,
Because they think they can
I see
A world
Where I am judged and hated,
Because of the color of my skin,
And the crown I choose to wear upon my head
I want
A better future.

I am
A lost soul
Searching for more,
I pretend
I care,
Because no one else will,
In this dying example of humanity
I feel
When people touch my other crown,
The crown that curls from my regal head
I touch
The hearts of nothing and no one,
As the fragments of our society float
I worry
That people
Will look at me and my family
The way they look
At terrorists,
I cry
Over the fact
That cops puncture a black berry,
And leave it’s juice to spill.

I am
With an uncertain past,
And an unthought of future,
I understand
That the world is not fair,
That I have to work twice as hard to have
The luxury of saying
I did it
I say
That life teaches you more than living,
I dream
An unknown dream,
That is soft and sweet,
And keeps me from the harsh realities of our world
I try
To move on from my past,
And walk to a brighter future,
I hope
My mom
Will find her Prince Charming,
I am
Hala Karim.

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