Middle School Monday

Welcome to my website! Today I’m sharing two of my stupidest fights/ reasons people were upset with me. Sounds petty, and it is. Hopefully you learn something from these, cuz I sure didn’t :p

1. Art Class

So, it was a nice Thursday, and everyone was excited for art. I’m gonna call her Star, cuz she can be the light in your life, but she can swerve and stab you in the back. (You’ll see why two weeks from now) Star had asked me to sit with her in art, and I said yes. But she asked me during home room, and the next three classes we had were the trio we called the rocky uphill: Humanities, Latin, and Math. So by the time art rolled around, I was just happy to have a break. I completely forgot I told her I’d sit with her, and I sat with my best friend, Peaches. But like the person she is, she didn’t tell me I broke my promise, and instead started giving me dirty looks. I got every single one, simply thinking, “Whaaaaaaaaaaa?” So Star spent the next three hours of school ignoring me and giving me the stank eye. By the end of the day, I was sick of it, so I texted her, “Why are you mad at me?” She replied with “You didn’t sit with me in art.” I’m still smh.

2. Oh no she didn’t

In December or January, I decided I wanted to go to a different school. I told my mom, and she pretty much said she had a file saved for my application. So I told my friends that I’d be applying, and that I was hoping to get in. They were all a little sad, but for the most part, happy for me. But Star. She was especially sad. So sad, that a week or two later, she told me she had asked her parents, and they said she could apply to the same school. Only problem was, I was planning to leave somewhat because of her. She was, and still is, really dramatic, and a lot of the fights I had were with her. So the fact that she was willing to leave the school she loves, so we could be together annoyed and terrified me. It terrified me cuz I knew she’d bring the drama wth her, and it annoyed me cuz I don’t want this girl following me wherever I go. So that’s what I said( minus the drama part, and the leaving cuz of her), and she did not respond well. She got all upset and confused. Me, having a short-temper, got annoyed with her emotions, and said something really stupid. I said, “ I am sick of this stupid school” I was so frustrated with everything in my life that I just blurted it out. Star immediately turned on me, and played a victim. Later, I found out she had taken a screenshot shot of what I said, and was sending it to all our friends. Trying to turn them on me or something. So, this fight lasted about a week and a half, and there are three things I remember the most. One. In art, I was just trying to avoid her, but she was all stomp-stomp all over the place! So this one time when she’s stomping back to her table, and I’m about to walk past her. So because I was mad and I’m petty, I decided I wouldn’t maneuver past her. So, because it was a crowded space, our bodies were practically overlapping, and because she has the twig shape, and I have more of the branch shape, we bumped into each other. But because I have broader, bonier shoulders, I overpowered her. And let me tell you, this girl fell back so hard, if there wasn’t a wall to stop her, she would’ve flipped over to England. She just said, “What the heck,” and I just said sorry. The second thing I remember was that she accused my mom of exposing her to her parents. You see, Star sent the screenshot to one of my best friends, El. El’s mom saw it, and said something to my mom, and Star’s mom. Star’s mom confronted her. Then Star said to me one day, “ Oh, and thanks for telling your mom. She told my parents.” Once again, I was thinking, “ Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?” Last thing I remember is the most vivid. We were in PE, and Star kept trying to “discuss” with me, but she was being really mean about it. Just guilt tripping me into apologizing to her for everything, when the only thing I  regret saying was “this stupid school.” I then said, “ You’re uh, you’re making me feel like crap.” She then proceeded to say, “ Maybe cuz you’re acting like crap.” I stormed of thinking, “ You little…” I was shooketh. Nobody had said anything like that to me in a year. Let alone my classmates. You know what she did after I walked away? SHE FOLLOWED ME! She followed me apologizing and saying she didn’t mean it. Yeah right.

*Notice the reoccurring character* 🤫

Alright y’all, I think that’s enough venting for today. Moral of the stories is, if your friends can’t be happy for you, sincerely understand where you’re coming from, or understand that you make mistakes, then maybe they aren’t really your friends. This lesson took me a long, long time to learn, and I still make the mistake of letting those people back into my life.

Middle School Monday is where I share my experiences in Middle School, so that you can laugh, cringe, and learn from my mistakes. Kinda like an advice column.

Anyway, comment, if you can, (still figuring the site out) what your stupidest fight in middle school was, and check out my instagram @hala.peno

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