My Favorite Show

As I sit here now, watching my all-time favorite show/franchise, I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Now, as a twelve year old, I get a little embarrassed telling people about this. I mean, even my mom chuckled a little. So prepare yourself. My all-time favorite show for the past 6 years of my life: My Little Pony! 😅 Yeah, I LOVE My Little Pony. I love the characters, the songs, the backstories, the headcannon, and the movies. I even love the official MLP movie, and I haven’t even seen it: just YouTube clips. I’ve literally had dreams where I meet them! I’ve actually been watching it for as long as I remember, and I remember every Friday I would force my youngest brother to watch with me. He pretty much ended up loving the show, too. ( He doesn’t thank me, but I know he loves it ) I recently just found out that there is now an eighth season. But when I went to check Netflix, IT WASN’T THERE! *table flip* I’m upset. How am I supposed to binge watch 7 seasons in a row knowing that there is a whole season that I’m missing?! Seriously?! I need to learn new friendship lessons! I thank Pinkie for a wacky sense of humor, Rairity for generosity( kinda still working on that ), Rainbow for loyalty, Apple Jack for honesty( a little too good at that ), Fluttershy for kindness( also still working on that ), and Twilight for… nothing, cuz magic isn’t real. So, yeah, MLP is where I learned to be a good friend, but still choose to be an okay friend. Jk. I actually use the examples from the show in real life situations. And it’s really good advice. But in all seriousness, I learned a lot from the show, especially that if your brother’s soon-to-be wife is acting strange, it’s probably because she is a changeling queen who is trying to take over the world to feed on it’s love. I especially love the two-part specials. There’s one at the beginning and end of every season, and they’re totally amazing. And don’t even get me started on the Equestria Girls movies! My favorite character is in those: Sunset Shimmer. She’s a foe-turned-friend. She’s deep on so many levels, and I just love her determined personality. But in the actual show, Pinkie has always been my favorite. She’s so lighthearted and cooky. But I can relate to all of them in some way. Which is why I think I, and so many other people, love it so much. But, yeah, MLP is my FAVORITE show, and you can judge me for being 4 years out of its age demographic, but I don’t care. I grew up loving it, and it honestly gets me through those tough times, and keeps me from having nightmares. So that’s great!

Like and comment what you’re favorite show is, and which of the mane 6 you resemble! Follow me on instagram @hala.peno!



2 thoughts

  1. Great post Hala! I definitely laughed after your reveal. No way did MLP even cross my mind as your favorite show. My favorite shows are all the ones Mom got me hooked on. Lol. Oh, and Breaking Bad (a show you can’t watch until you’re at least 25 or something). I love how your writing is coming along.

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  2. Oh my gosh, that show is so great! I think I resemble Twilight Sparkle. I read a lot and also would love to have the bisexual pink, purple, and blue flag colors on me!

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