My Kind of Humor

I have two quotes to represent my humor.

1. “You’re low key evil” -Mom

2. “You’re stupid”- Mom

Joking. But she has said both of those things. Love you Mom! 😘

Back to the subject. I have two types of humor. There’s the humor that I put out the most, which is the sarcastic, borderline mean, you can’t tell if I’m joking or if I just want to insult you kind of humor. Then there’s the type of humor which I only show around my mom and close friends. Which is the silly, innocent, you’re funny but you’re being stupid kind of humor. So, I’ll just explain both of them I guess.

My sarcastic humor is the humor that I put out the most, but it’s also the hardest to maintain. You have to be witty, think ahead, and act like you don’t care. Which I’m really good at! But no, I wouldn’t say I enjoy this humor, but I don’t trust a lot of people, so it’s kinda  just a tester to see if they’re sensitive or not. I usually just use it if I don’t really want to talk to you, but I also don’t want to hurt your feelings. So, in a way, I’m being nice by being mean. For example, my brother once asked if you could eat something you clearly couldn’t, and I said, “Yes.” But I was clearly joking. You could tell by the very stern look on my face. Obviously 🙄. Or that time I practically almost poisoned my brother with a smoothie. If you want find out more, check out his YouTube channel AK2K. #plug

My second type of humor is the type that only very special people see. You know who you are. 😉 (does the emoji go before or after the period, idk, plz let me know) Back to humor. Around my close friends, I’m really silly and dorky. A lot of my jokes are cheesy and make you roll your eyes like ten times. I say stuff like “Am I swoll?” After lifting an empty box. And I do stuff like knock on the trash can and ask if anyone’s in there. I do Fortnite emotes in my pool with my brother, and make up ridiculous terms with him. Terms like “fatty patty” (pronounced fotty potty), and doing just weird stuff that makes us laugh. My silly side is definitely rsvp’d for my best and only friends. (I mean only as in true friends. Don’t get it mixed up)


follow me if you haven’t already(what are you waiting for) on Instagram  @hala.peno please like and comment what you think your type of humor is

One thought

  1. My humor is usually pretty silly and makes people roll their eyes, but sometimes I can actually be genuinely funny. And of course I can be very snarky, which I try to keep on the inside 😂


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